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Thanksgiving is a week and a half away, the first in the middle of the pandemic in the last century. A new horizon of concern against Covid-19 in the country most shaken by the virus.

Supermarkets in the United States already register a massive influx, at the same time that the infections continue in the daily average of record this week: about 180,000 and more than 1,300 deaths in the last 24 hours.

Since the health crisis started, one in five infected in the world it is American, with more than 245,000 deaths in total.

In North Dakota, its governor, Doug Burgum, announces the mask mandatory due to the increase in cases and hospitalizations.

Ante la hope for the vaccine, some states already warn that their distribution could be affected by financing deficits, the lack of trained personnel and the technological difficulties they have. All in the face of a harsh winter that also announces one of those responsible for the long-awaited Pfizer vaccine, Ugur Sahin, CEO of the BioNTech laboratory, who estimates that between the end of this year and April of the following they will deliver 300 million doses, with summer as the horizon of the long-awaited first results of herd immunity. Meanwhile, and before the arrival of the cold, the reality is different.

With Europe as a reflection. In France, controls and sanctions are increased to enforce confinement. In Germany, the Merkel government advances that the current restrictions will not be reduced for four or five months, despite the decrease in the incidence of the virus.

In Italy, six more regions have been included in your call Red zone, with figures that recall its worst weeks: more than 37,000 infected and 544 dead in a last day in which more than 560,000 infections have also been reported worldwide.



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