Ex-Futari Patrice Evra informed his wife Sandra Evralle, 39, left for a 15-day work gig in London last January. The man was currently a football expert at Sky Sports.

Shortly after leaving, it became clear to the wife that her husband had a secrecy Danish model Margaux Alexandran, 25, with. The matter was revealed to Sandra’s wife in a harsh way when Alexandra posted a workout picture of herself on Evra’s home gym on Instagram.

You can see the picture here on the Daily Mail website.

After the secrecy was revealed, the wife got to hear from her lawyer that the futari wants a divorce.

– She didn’t even have the courage to tell me about it herself, Sandra Evra says disappointedly.

The woman has not seen Evra since the man left the family’s shared home in Paris for a “work gig”.

This week it was revealed that Evra has been living a Double Life for years even before she started a relationship with Alexandra. The former side pack has had a secret relationship as well Gabriella Birleyn, 32, with. Birley and Evra, who work as doctors, also have two children.

Sandra Evra is naturally really shocked by her spouse’s double life, as the couple had been doing the same for as much as 25 years. They met each other as early as 14 years old.

– Patrice is the only man I ever loved, and he has treated me cruelly, Sandra Evra says.

Sandra and Patrice have been married since 2008. They have two children: a 15-year-old boy Lenny and an eight-year-old daughter Maona. The children live with Sandra in Paris.

Evra ended his handsome player career in 2018. In his career, he represented Monaco, Manchester United, Juventus and Marseille, among others.

In the French national team, Evra played 81 times.

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Sources: The Sun, Daily Mail