one can find 432 detainees, some in Spain

The Italian authorities have disassembled this Wednesday a child sex sites network spread to various countries with the world, including Spain and Republic of colombia, for which they have been charged 432 themes who shared material through messages applications.

The operation, dubbed “Luna Park”, It has been executed by Postal Police of the Italian associated with Milan (north) and has led to typically the identification involving 81 Italians, of whom 17 have been arrested thus far, police sources confirmed. However, typically the arrests are still ongoing, as some defendants have not yet been located, he said.

The agents have been working because this morning and have carried out more than 310 searches in eighteen of the 20 or so Italian regions, which makes it one with the largest police operations against little one pornography of the last years in the united kingdom. But typically the network extends beyond the Italian borders and 351 different foreigners have been identified who discussed and acquired child pornography, via countries such as Colombia, Singapore or perhaps the Philippines, for which an arrest justify was issued through Interpol.

One of those arrested is precisely via Spain (The city of origin would not transcend), one of the first countries to do the arrest warrant, according to the exact same sources.

Among them there are an array of professionals, workers, students, retirees, empressé servants, unemployed and entrepreneurs.

All these people have been accused of owned by a criminal organization for being element involving 159 WhatsApp and Telegram groups in which photos and videos of sexual abuse of boys and girls and perhaps of newborns were shared. During these groups, the researchers distinguished marketers, organizers and participants, “with clear roles and tasks,” do you know profiles and nicknames were recognized in order to proceed with their arrest.

The operation allowed seize phones, hard disk drives, memory sticks, computers, email and even social media accounts with which the detainees carried out criminal activities, in addition to a wide range of pornographic content.

The Italian police force have carried out this investigation simply by infiltrating these groups for years and possess highlighted “the transversality of the crime”, since the defendants are very varied among themselves and of very assorted ages, from 18 to 71 years. Among them there are all kinds of specialists, workers, students, retirees, civil housemaids, unemployed and entrepreneurs.

For example, the organizers of the groups certainly are a 71-year-old optician and university mentor from Naples (south) and a 20-year-old Venetian unemployed. The work of these 2 subjects consisted of disseminating and handling the groups by recruiting newbies “from anywhere of the world”. He or she drew the attention of the agents that all one of the groups was influenced by “strict rules of behaviour aimed at maintaining anonymity” of consumers and breaking these rules designed the expulsion of the member



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