On vacation with Gerrit Klein?

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Just friends or more? Valentina Pahde is currently enjoying the last days of summer on the Greek dream island of Mykonos. Also there, allegedly: serial colleague Gerrit Klein.

Some time ago Valentina Pahde, 25, fueled the rumor mill about a new love when she posted a photo of herself and a man on her Instagram profile. Her teasing comment “Finally” and the telling hashtag “love” indicated that she might be in steady hands again. But fans were happy too early back then. The photo shows Pahde together with her serial colleague Gerrit Klein, 29. “Only friends”, the actress explained after the ambiguous post. It was just a PR gag for the new series “Sunny”, for which Valentina and Gerrit are together in front of the camera. Now the rumors of love are germinating again: The two are vacationing on Mykonos.

Valentina Pahde on a love vacation?

Temperatures on the Greek island are around 30 degrees – whether it’s similarly hot between Valentina and Gerrit? As “Bild” reports, the two actors were seen turtling on the island on Saturday evening. They are said to have strolled through the alleys together and been on the beach. The newspaper reports that the two fell in love with each other while filming. The fact is: Both are currently on Mykonos and regularly post holiday snapshots.

What’s going on between the TV stars?

Her fans would certainly treat Valentina Pahde to a new love, after all, she has been officially single since 2016. After just one and a half years of relationship, she and her GZSZ colleague Rául Richter separated. While he’s long in love again, Valentina is officially not taken. How is your relationship with Gerrit Klein now? “Bild” asked the actor’s agency. The answer: “Gerrit Klein does not comment on his private life.” Valentina herself has not yet commented on the sweet speculations about love.

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