On Tuesday, Trump anticipates being arrested based on his statement.

Former US President Donald Trump has claimed that he will be arrested on 10 August as part of the ongoing investigation into hush money paid to adult film actor Stormy Daniels. He urged his supporters to “protest and take our nation back” in a message posted online. However, several sources have indicated that New York prosecutors have not given any advance warning of an impending arrest or indictment.
Trump’s legal team is reportedly anticipating charges following years-long investigations into possible illegal actions conducted by him during his presidency, including campaign finance fraud allegations over payments made to help suppress news about alleged extra-marital affairs ahead of the 2016 election between Trump and Hillary Clinton.
The development raises significant questions about how far lawmakers are willing push for punishment if criminal proceedings are launched against a former president; it is an unprecedented situation which would represent yet another flashpoint in America’s politically divided society.
It appears from media reports that there was intense discussion among city officials this week regarding security changes around such arrests earlier than known publicly but no one has confirmed these discussions were linked with Mr.Trump’s claims nor if they forecast potential throngs in support should he indeed face arrest at some point soon.

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