Omar Montes has not stopped since he won the triumph of Survivors in 2019. The musician has reaped several musical successes with themes like Allocation, junto a Bad Gyal, o Hello girl with Nyno Vargas.

However, the last song of the singer does not seem to have liked, as stated by users in networks. The theme, which was published last Sunday, features the collaboration of Sasha and her partner and finalist of Survivors Fabio Colloricchio, Violeta Magriñan’s boyfriend.

The video clip accumulates more than 300,000 views on YouTube but is far from other Madrid songs that have several million visits. Among the fiercest criticisms that can be seen written in the comments of the video are: “Fabio was over, a lot autotune and does not fit in this role “,” This is Allocation but with another letter. It’s the same “, or” Nowadays anyone thinks they are a singer, how sad. ”

As usual on social media, there are those who criticize their new single and those who defend and value the work carried out by former contestants. We will have to wait to see how the impact of the song evolves and see if it becomes another Montes success.