Cyberbullying is one of the most aberrant practices that are carried out every day. Women are victims of digital violence through harassment, threats, data breach and private information, as well as the dissemination of sexual content.

That is why strategies are sought to consider this type of abuse as crimes and the Olympia Law It consists of a set of reforms made to the Criminal Codes of the federative entities, as well as the General Law of Access of Women to a Life Free of Violence.

In this article, we address five key points to understand the importance of Olympia Law.

How did the Olympian Law arise?

The Olympia Law arises from the need to seek justice in the face of violent digital acts. It all started after an intimate video of Olimpia Melo Cruz was spread on social networks by her previous partner without her consent.

This led to Olympiad feel humiliated by constant teasing and inexhaustible insults.

In this way, the victim, along with other women who had also suffered harassment, promoted a bill in Puebla to reform the Penal Code, getting the local legislator to carry it out in 2018.

How to proceed if your images circulate without consent?

Either for some kind of revenge porn, or any other reason … It is important to know what to do if your intimate images are circulating without your consent.

If yes, a complaint can be made in two ways: In person at the Public Ministry and digitally on the site

You can also go to the Capital Cyber ​​Police in the following email: [email protected]

According to the authorities, at all times a protocol with a gender perspective will be kept that encourages due process and accompaniment to victims in these types of circumstances, where the different modalities of this type of violence will be explained in order that the victim be satisfied with the administration of justice.

What are the penalties?

Naturally, the behavior of humanity evolves over time, so there must be certain reforms to the Law that can adhere to a current and current era.

The sanctions of the Olimpia Law vary according to the state where the crime was committed, but among them, the penalty that is applied in Mexico City stands out, regulated in article 181 Quintus and 209 of the Penal Code for the Federal District.

In these articles, it is indicated that he will be punished from three to twelve years in prison, depending on the conduct carried out. In this regard, article 181 of the Criminal Code of the Federal District provides that those who commit crimes against sexual intimacy will be punished from four to six years in prison and a fine of five hundred to one thousand units of measurement and updating; that is, when a person videotapes, audio-records, films, or creates real or simulated images, audios or videos of intimate sexual content of a person without their consent.

In the same way, it applies to whoever exhibits, distributes, disseminates, exhibits, reproduces, transmits, markets, offers, exchanges and shares images, audios or videos of intimate sexual content of a person knowing that there is no consent, through printed materials, emails or messages.

However, these sanctions could be aggravated if the victim is a relative of the aggressor or if there was a romantic and / or work relationship.

* With information from the Legal Forum