Oliver Daemen, father Joes make world news: “He was emotional, and we just had fun!”

It was amazing!.” Oliver Daemen, the youngest astronaut in history, reacted overjoyed and euphoric, but at the same time mature and composed when he reconnected with Earth on Tuesday after an 11-minute space flight with Blue Origin. Daemen raced across the globe after he landed.

Foreign media are not only interested in Jeff Bezos’s PR moment with Blue Origin but also Oliver Daemen who was the surprise of the foursome that launched into space on Tuesday evening. Because another person had cancelled, he was allowed along.

A Dutch teenager declared, in exhilaration, that it was “great!” After becoming the youngest astronaut in orbit, he declared his ecstasy to the Daily Mail.

Father Joes and other relatives held Daemen and allowed him to return to his earthly life after crawling out of the New Shepard. Brabant, Dutch glory, or perhaps Brabant, is what you will see. It was not hard to get the scoop with the Amazon boss, his brother, and an 82 year-old new astronaut.

There is much attention paid to his father after the flight. Oliver mentions his father Joes at the press conference. “He was a little more emotional than I thought, everyone on the ground. And we just had fun!” said the Daemen junior sitting next to Jeff Bezos, getting the laughs on his hand.

Daemen is known as ‘the new flying Dutchman’ in the Bezos organization. His father Joes is responsible for his financial success. His name is often mentioned internationally. Joes Daemen, CEO of Somerset Capital Partners, is a private equity firm. It is widely believed that his estimated wealth ranges from hundreds of millions to more like a billion. Blogs and foreign media report on ‘daddy’s deep pockets’.

The winner eventually withdrew, making way for Daemen Junior, who offered $28million. It is not clear how much Joes Daemen paid for the son’s space adventure. His net worth also remains a mystery. Business magazine Quote has never included Daemen senior in the Quote 500 and speaks of a capital of €95 million.

Both Daemen senior as well as junior are passionate about flying. Quote discovered that Dad runs companies called ‘Intospace’. Oliver, 18 years old, has already completed a private flight training course in Spain. According to him, lightning and thunder fascinated Oliver as a child. His mother? He is a flight attendant.

Oliver Daemen is also rising in popularity. Since his flight, he has been featured in Polish and Spanish media, as well as The New York Times, The BBC and The Daily Mail. Daemen finished his pre-university education last school year and will be starting natural sciences studies in Utrecht the following school year.

A lot of criticism is also directed at the race for space between billionaires Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk.

The United States is being ravaged by forest fires. Canada is also in trouble and parts of Europe are flooding. However, flights release a lot more polluting substances than regular aviation or car traffic.



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