Actors Rose McGowan and Holly Marie Combs have criticized the new version of My Sister’s Witch (Charmed) on many occasions and on several platforms. It tells about this, for example E! Online. They are particularly annoyed that the new version now appears first on Netflix before the old version. The old version has already been completely removed from streaming services in many countries. The stars have clearly expressed what they think of the new version.

Acting in the new version Sarah Jeffery regrets what the actors said. He has said he has been thinking about making a release for a long time.

– I find it pathetic that adult women behave this way, Jeffery has commented and hoped the Actors would find happiness somewhere else. He hopes that the Actors will behave with respect for each other in the future.

Holly Marie Combs, who played the paper in the original version, has responded to Jeffery’s release. There is nothing behind him in the publication.

McGowan and Combs have opposed the remake of My Sister’s Witch series from the start. In 2018, Holly Marie Combs expressed that she was very disappointed that a remake of the series would be made.

The remake of the My Sister is a Witch series is already in its third production season. The descriptions are currently paused due to a coronavirus pandemic.