Okon: We are already on par with Riccardo in pace

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Esteban Ocon, having missed the season, this year returned to the World Championship tracks as part of the Renault team, where Daniel Riccardo, one of the most talented and fastest drivers of modern Formula 1, competes.

The experienced Australian regularly outpaces his teammate in qualifying duels, and after nine stages of the championship leads with a score of 8-1. Esteban managed to show a better result on Saturday only once, when qualifying was held on the Red Bull Ring track wet from the rain before the Styrian Grand Prix.

But the French driver believes that he has already managed to adapt to the characteristics of the RS20 car, and in terms of speed he is already approaching Daniel.

“On some tracks, the results were quite comparable. On others, I lost a little more, but there were several situations when we had problems with the car, or I was uncomfortable behind the wheel, – said Ocon. – I agree, this season I had some difficulties. But in Mugello they did without them, I was very comfortable, and in qualification we were on the same level until the final attempt in the final session. “

According to Okon, he had lengthy discussions with the Renault team about the qualifying gap, but in Mugello he was able to add: “Definitely, it was due to the choice of settings in the process of figuring out what we want to achieve from the car. With this we definitely had difficulties.

There were also several situations when I lost on straight lines due to a lack of maximum speed – we discussed this and the measures that need to be taken to achieve improvements. In Mugello, this work bore fruit, because the speed was already at a good level, and I am very pleased with how the weekend was going.

If you compare my results with the pace of Daniel, I think that from the very beginning of the weekend we were on the same level – both in training and in qualification. In the next races I will try to repeat it. “

Despite the comparable speed in qualifying, last Sunday Esteban failed to show a good result – the race ended for him after six laps due to problems with the brakes. After nine stages of the season, Riccardo is in 7th place in the individual classification with 53 points, and his younger partner is only in 12th, he still has 30 points.



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