Okon: Qualifications should be especially interesting

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Before the Grand Prix of Tuscany, Esteban Ocon summed up the results of the race in Monza and spoke about the stage in Mugello …

Question: Have you been to Mugello yet?
Esteban Ocon: The track in Mugello looks great – really fast configuration. I never raced there, I tried it only on a home simulator and realized that a serious challenge awaits us – for the car, for the riders, for the tires, the effective work of which will play a significant role.

I drove many laps on the simulator, on the track there is an interesting combination of turns, including fast ones – driving modern cars should feel great. It won’t be easy for everyone in Mugello. We use a medium to high downforce setting, the tires will wear out quickly and the neck will hurt a lot. You need to take this into account when preparing.

Q: Have you watched the recordings of other series races on this track?
Esteban Ocon: I watched MotoGP races and I think it was on this track that they had their maximum speed this year. For them, every turn is a test, and we will drive through some of the turns where MotoGP riders have to cope with the gas pedal fully pressed. The qualification will be especially interesting.

Question: How do you assess the results of the last race in Monza?
Esteban Ocon: I’m glad we continue to earn points. Of course, every driver wants more, and now we are trying to prepare as well as possible for the upcoming weekend.

I am happy with the way the race went, I overtook, showed a good pace, and next time I will try to do better.



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