Okon: In the rain we can compete with anyone

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At the beginning of the season, Esteban Ocon rarely made it to the qualifying finals, and so far Saturday’s duels with a team-mate are clearly not in his favor. In nine cases out of ten, Daniel Riccardo was faster, but recently the Frenchman is progressing and already on several tracks in a row he managed to reach the final.

Esteban Ocon: “I think we really made good progress, and in the last races I piloted much better. We figured out how to tune the car more correctly, trying to find the right balance, and besides, I’m already better at starts.

In Sochi, I had a very good first segment of the race, I managed to stay in 4th position for quite a long time, and I was not too far behind Max Verstappen. It wasn’t bad. Now we have to put everything together and continue to progress.

If we talk about the upcoming weekend, then I think that everyone will have a hard time – both teams and drivers. This is due to the fact that the conditions and state of the track will change all the time. Today it is rather cold, it rains all the time, and if this weather continues, it will suit us, because we know what our car is capable of on a wet track – in Austria we were fifth in qualification, which is great.

During the winter tests, we also drove a little in the rain, and the car performed well. If it rains, we will be able to compete with anyone, and then we’ll see what we can achieve. ”



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