Often the Samsung S21 price, already exposed: the cheapest model could be all you need

In 2021, Samsung is a little prior to the launch schedule. If so far we now have seen new models in the Universe S series in February as well as March, next year they will be on the market throughout January. And we also have revealed price ranges.

Samsung S21, in three editions, would be officially launched on Jan 14. All models may have 5G, will have very good screens, and the slightly larger surprise is the price. For now, of course, it is unofficial, but if it is proved, it is good to know that it is small compared to in 2020.

On average, devices would be 50 euros cheaper. It might seem like a big difference, but when you want the least expensive model, it matters. And since we have here, the cheapest will be a Samsung Universe S21 with 128 GB of storage place and an unofficial price of eight hundred fifty euros.

The next will be Korean S21 Plus with 128 Gb-storage space, at 1,050 pounds, and for more storage space you would shell out 1,100 euros. Finally, we come face to face with the most expensive model: Samsung S21 Really with 128 GB of storage space might reach 1,400 euros, in accordance 91mobiles.

What will special Korean S21

On the new phones, Samsung may have a new processor, which should be more powerful, and also better cameras than ever. Of course, you would probably have expected such features.

The really new ones is the design and style. If so far the company has tried cameras in the center, vertically, flat in a trench or grouped throughout a rectangle (on the Samsung S20 Ultra), in 2021 we will see three phones which have been a bit out of the ordinary.

The purple and even gold color variant is the one that would be the star. You can see it in the photo above. Otherwise, Samsung S21 will probably be as you expect: large batteries, Operating system 11 pre-installed with One REGARDED 3.0, the best screens, and also cameras with better video choices.

More specifications about the three devices can be found here.


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