It’s been a good time to hear that Saudi Arabia wants a Formula 1 race, but from now on it’s official, it has been announced that the Middle East Kingdom has been included in the 2021 race calendar.

The venue will be the 3.5 million city on the shores of the Red Sea, Jeddah, where they will compete on a street track that has not yet been finalized, even at a traffic light in the evening.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has sought to improve its not-so-bright image due to human rights issues by hosting prestigious international sporting events, including winning F1 – but recently Amnesty International has pointed out that Saudi racing is in stark contrast to the Formula One competition announced this year. , with the “WeRaceAsOne” (we compete as one) campaign in support of equality, inclusion and acceptance, diversity.

Of course, there is that money, and in the case of F1, it has already run in, as Aramco, a Saudi oil company that has been mentioned as the most polluting company in the world since the beginning of the year, is one of the global partners in the sport.