Last year there was a great dilemma in the face of what the Mobile World Congress would be, because just in February of this year the Covid-19 was barely expanding rapidly around the world, so the organizers debated whether or not it was good idea to cancel the event. In the end the Mobile World Congress was canceled and for many it was the best decision considering what happened in Spain and the rest of the world for the following months.

And although the Mobile World Congress of this 2021 was expected to be held in February, the GSMA has announced that the event will be delayed for the first time in its history, and will be held in the summer of next year, specifically between June 28 and 1st of July.

Why is the Mobile World Congress delayed?

The GSMA knows that February is still too early to celebrate such a big event with all the security measures, in fact, the CES has announced that it will not cancel or delay the event in January, but that it will be totally digital, something that apparently the GSMA may seek to take as a last resort.

By summer of next year, the Covid-19 vaccine may already be in several countries, and the outbreak may have been controlled, however, if not, the event may be canceled.

On the other hand, the GSMA has announced that the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai will be held between February 23 and 25, that is, next year the events will be reversed, since the MWC in Shanghai was always between June and July, and the from Barcelona in February.

None of this is likely to change the manufacturers’ agenda, because although many go to the MWC to present new devices, other firms such as Samsung always do so a few days before, the problem is that normally in June and July no major launch is made. in the smartphone market, so next year the MWC could be less interesting than previous years.