Official LG Q31: Helio P22, dual camera and large LCD screen at a great price

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After the LG Q51 and the LG Q61 it is the turn of the third of the midrangersfrom the LG QX1 series. LG announces the LG Q31 and as its nomenclature suggests it is the cheapest of all its brothers, which in turn means that it is the least equipped hardware. But still the LG Q31 it is an interesting offer.

It is true, we have already seen loads of mid-range and mid-range cell phones with dual cameras and front notches throughout 2018. It is also true that the general design of the LG Q31 seems to have traveled from two years ago to the present. to try to convince users with less purchasing power.

LG Q31 features

As we said before, the LG Q31 is a great offer thanks to the specific combination of accessible hardware for such a cheap price. But that is only valid if we compare it with other western smartphones, since the incredible hardware offer of companies like Redmi and Realme in the East is known.

For its part, the LG Q31 has a 5.1-inch LCD screen with HD + resolution with an 18.9: 9 aspect ratio and a front notch in the shape of a point discreetly cutting out the center of its upper end to fit there a 5MP lens.

The LG Q31’s strength is certainly not photography, although on its back its dual camera with a wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens with 13 and 8MP sensors, respectively, offer a field of view of up to 120 ° ideal for group photographs or landscapes.

Inside it has a MediaTek Helio 22 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage capacity that can be expanded by up to 1TB. This is striking considering that other smartphones in its hierarchy usually offer, at best, up to 256GB of expandable storage.

LG announces the LG Q31 with a non-removable 3000mAh battery that does not have fast charging technology, so there we have a clear weak point of this economic midranger that we can acquire for approximately US $ 175. And yes, the light gray color that we see in images is his only starting color.


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