Little is left until the arrival of PlayStation 5 And to give its users a preview of what to expect, Sony has published a video to show what the Interface Y user experience of your next generation console.

The video begins by emphasizing that Sony believes that playtime is valuable and meaningful, which is why the characteristics of the console are governed by this axis.

With this preamble, we have the first look at the starting screen console, with the PlayStation logo jingling in the center and prompted to press the PS button on the controller. A PSN account has already been created in advance, so you log in and have access to what Sony calls PlayStation 5 Control Center.

You have access to this center at any time at the touch of a button while an application is running, and there is immediate access to almost everything the user needs from the system.

Distancing yourself from the PS4 interface, PlayStation 5 Control Center place the bar of connected friends, notifications, groups, games, music and power at the bottom, without moving between screens.

At the center of the interface is what Sony calls Activities, where news of the games that are followed and title information being played, such as the percentage of completion of a level, the missions that must be done to finish it and the estimated time to do it.

There are cards that give instant access to those levels that have not been completed just by selecting them.

Other functions shown in the video are social ones, so that a conversation now offers the possibility of see in real time what is playing the person with whom you speak.

One more look is at Home of PlayStation 5, but the best thing is that you see the video and have a preview of what the new console holds when it arrives in Mexico on 12th of November: