Officers shot in Louisville after Breonna Taylor ruling

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At least two agents were shot in the night from Wednesday to Thursday during protests in the American city of Louisville, Kentucky. The city is protesting against the decision not to prosecute the agents involved in the death of Breonna Taylor.

Taylor was hit by eight police bullets

Both agents are expected to survive. A suspect has been arrested.

Protests were also made in several other cities on the night from Wednesday to Thursday against the decision not to prosecute the agents for Taylor’s death. Thousands of people took to the streets in Boston, Los Angeles, New York and Washington, among others.

The protests were peaceful in most places. Several people were arrested. The mayor of Louisville had already imposed a 9 p.m. curfew. A state of emergency was also declared as a precaution.

US President Donald Trump voiced it Twitter his condolences to the shot officers. He also said that five hundred men of the national guard are ready to intervene in the protests.

Taylor was hit by eight police bullets during a raid on her apartment on March 13. Plainclothes officers entered her home without notice due to an investigation into drugs. Taylor was in her bed at the time.

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, is said to have fired for fear of intruders, with one of the officers being hit in the leg. Then the officers also fired. Taylor was hit and died on the spot.

One of the officers also fired ten shots from the side of the house at a covered window and sliding glass door. The officer was charged on Wednesday for recklessly endangering human lives. None of the officers are charged for Taylor’s death.



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