Officer prosecuted for reckless behavior in killing Breonna Taylor

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Brett Hankison, one of three white officers who shot dead black American Breonna Taylor in Louisville in a police raid, is being charged. The officer is not prosecuted for her death, but for shooting a window and sliding doors without knowing who was behind it. He recklessly endangered human lives, the charges said.

Hankison shot through window ten times

According to protocol, officers are not allowed to shoot without a clear view of their target.

The two other agents involved, who also fired their service weapons in the incident, are not prosecuted. The Kentucky state prosecutor said the violence they used was legitimate CNN. None of the three officers are charged with Taylor’s death.

Taylor’s deaths and George Floyd, a black American who was arrested in May, sparked major protests in the US this year. In other countries people also took to the streets in solidarity

26-year-old Taylor was hit by eight police bullets during a raid on her apartment on March 13. Plainclothes officers entered her home shortly after midnight without notice due to an investigation into drugs. At the time of the raid, Taylor was in bed with her boyfriend Kenneth Walker.

According to the police report, Walker fired for fear of intruders. One of the officers would have been hit in the leg, after which they also started shooting. Taylor died on the spot.

Hankison was initially behind the other two officers during the raid. When the shooting started, he ran to the side of the house. There he fired ten shots at a covered window and sliding glass door, he said The New York Times. Hankison’s actions put Taylor and her neighbors in danger, the charges said.

Hankison was fired in June. The concerned police chief wrote in a statement that he “showed extreme indifference to the value of human life when he deliberately and blindly fired ten shots into Taylor’s house.”

The other two agents are only allowed to perform administrative tasks.

Taylor’s relatives filed a lawsuit and settled in mid-September for $ 12 million ($ 10.1 million).

As a result of the fatal incident, search warrants requiring agents not to announce themselves before entering have been banned in Louisville.



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