Ødegaard about Haaland’s hunt for an 86-year-old record: – You should have it

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ULLEVAAL (VG) Jørgen Juve has for almost 100 years been the highest scoring national team player with 33 goals. After Erling Braut Haaland’s three new goals in the national team jersey, Martin Ødegaard and Kjetil Rekdal believe in a change of throne in a few years.

For 20 year old Braut Haaland

on as many matches played.

– I think he already has that record in 3-4 years, is Kjetil Rekdal’s prediction when VG contacts the player who himself had 17 goals in total in his career. With that, he is in a shared 13th place. Closest to Jørgen Juve is Einar «Jeja» Gundersen with 26, Harald Hennum with 25 and John Carew with 24 goals.

On TV2, Haaland was asked about Jørgen Juve’s record of 33 national team goals. Juve scored all his goals in 27 matches between 1929 and 1934. He was captain of the bronze team in 1936 and played a total of 45 times for Norway, but was a pure striker in only 22 of them.

The 86-year-old title king title is now in danger.

– It does not last long, said Martin Ødegaard and looked up at his national teammate during the interview.

– You should have it, he continued when Haaland hesitated a bit.

– I work first and foremost towards victories, then goals come, said the main character himself.

The superduo Martin Ødegaard (Real Madrid) and Erling Braut Haaland (Borussia Dortmund) produced great chances on order at the Romanian defense in the 70 minutes they played together in this. Ødegaard showed top-class twists and turns, and delivered two goal-scoring passes to Haaland. The latter accounted for three goals, but burned so many great chances that he could just as easily have had a double count.

See the goals here:

If Ødegaard continues to serve, it will not take long at least.

– I have to pay tribute to him here, Haaland said and patted Ødegaard on the head during the interview on TV 2.


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