Odds goalkeeper coach hard against the club – the manager reacts to the play

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Odds goalkeeping coach Einar Rossbach (55) slaughters the strategy of the club’s sports manager Tore Andersen. Now there is an internal reaction in Odd, and the sports manager is supported by Dag-Eilev Fagermo.

In a very hard play in the local newspapers

and kicks the former national team goalkeeper and Odd’s goalkeeping coach for 12 years against the club’s sports manager Tore Andersen.

Rossbach is also the father of Odd’s first goalkeeper Sondre Rossbach (24), who these days is part of Lars Lagerbäck’s national team squad.

– The main reason why I quit as goalkeeping coach in Odd, is the sports manager’s handling of the goalkeeping group. The road to the top for a goalkeeper is not the same as an outside player. The position requires specific skills technically, tactically and mentally. Experience, making skills functional in battle, is also very important for a goalkeeper. It happens with games at the right level, Rossbach says to and.

He believes that Viljar Myhra (Odd product that is now in Strømsgodset) and Egil Selvik (reserve keeper in Odd who has wished away) are proof of a lack of facilitation to develop new goalkeepers and that many years of work with goalkeepers have been completely wasted.

Einar Rossbach believes that Odd should let Selvik go on loan to another top club to get playing time while he was still considered behind Sondre Rossbach in the goalkeeper queue.

– The sports manager also contributes to destroying the club’s reputation and values ​​in kroner and øre. We could sell Viljar for three million to a Norwegian club (Start) in the summer of 2017. Odds no led to a season and a half of open quarrel and culminated in free, only education compensation, transfer to Godset, says Rossbach and believes history repeats itself with Egil Selvik, as league leader Bodø / Glimt tried in vain to pick up before the season.

Rossbach will not elaborate further on the criticism of VG, but says he is responsible for everything he is quoted in the local newspapers.

He answers VG’s question as to whether this is about dissatisfaction on behalf of his son:

– Not at all. I’m only concerned with developing goalkeepers. Everyone I have, I want to develop. For the goalkeepers, there is only one place on the team, and then you have to go other ways, says Rossbach senior.

– You should continue to go to work even after this?

– I have a contract until the end of the season and have no other ambitions than that, Odd’s goalkeeping coach has been answering since 2008.


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