Odd-noise: Rossbach finished as goalkeeping coach immediately

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Goalkeeping coach Einar Rossbach has been released from the contract in Odd, just a few days after he went hard on the club’s sports manager Tore Andersen.

It reports the club on their

. To VG, general manager Einar Håndlykken says the following Monday afternoon:

– Einar resigns from today. It is based on the statements from last week, Håndlykken states.

– Did it become impossible for him to continue going to work after going out against the sports manager?

– Einar was going to quit for Christmas, anyway. We were already in the process of finding his replacement. Then we came to the conclusion that this was the best solution, the Odd boss answers.

– I have had a nice chat with Einar Håndlykken. That’s all right. Then I hope that something good comes out of this for Jan Frode (Nornes) and the rest of his fantastic team, says Einar Rossbach to VG.

It was through the local newspapers and that Rossbach sent shots at the club’s longtime sports manager Tore Andersen. Rossbach thought Andersen did not have enough understanding of how the goalkeepers in the club should be developed in the best possible way, and that it resulted in both sporting and financial losses for Odd.

– The sports manager also contributes to destroying the club’s reputation and values ​​in kroner and øre, Rossbach, among others, reported.

Handlykken described the open criticism from the goalkeeping coach immediately as.

– Does this mean that there is no ceiling height in Odd to face his opinion outwards?

– Yes, there is a ceiling height. But it is also a limit. That plot was over the limit, and I have said it before. Then this became the solution, maintains Handlykken after the solution was made known.

Einar Rossbach played in his time for, among others, Lyn, Tromsø and the national team and had a 50 percent position for the rest of the year for Odd.


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