October 21, Back to the Future Day: why this date is celebrated every year

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31 years after the premiere of “Back to the Future 2”, fans fill the networks with memes and memories. Curiosities of a stainless adventure.

At this point it is one of the most loved films in the world. One of the science fiction stories with the most fans on the globe. An eighties boom that – far from rusting – is rekindled every year and that, probably, will never have a sequel.

The trilogy seems more alive than ever. Repeated ad nauseam on TV and a juicy offer from platforms like Netflix, Return to the future It seems to have achieved the miracle of being more than just a Hollywood marketing fad. Every October 21 the Back to the future day. Many do not know why.

“Let’s fill the networks with this hashtag,” invite the obsessives who run fan forums. #BackToTheFutureDay populates Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. And it is that it is a nod to Back to the future 2, Robert Zemeckis’ sequel released in 1989, a film that grossed more than $ 300 million.

On a day like today, October 21, Marty McFly (or a version of him) arrives from the past to see the Hill Valley of “tomorrow”, giving rise to this commemorative date. He travels to “save” his children from an event, but ends up muddying the court.

October 21, 2015 appears in Doc Brown’s (Christopher Lloyd) time machine. The day of the trip to the future appears in colors on the De Lorean’s board. The scene is icon. The moment that sends Michael J. Fox’s character on an adrenaline-pumping adventure.

On October 21 (1956) Carrie Fisher was born. On October 21, 1980, Kim Kardashian entered the world. Many famous births (and several deaths) happened on this day, but each year on a massive scale the great reminder is tied to the adventures of McFly, Lorraine, Doc, Biff and the blessed time machine.

-Where are we, when? (asks Marty McFly).

– “We headed to Hill Valley, California, at 4.29pm on Wednesday, October 21, 2015” (Doc Emmet Brown responds).

– The year 2015? We are in the future! (Marty blurts out, excited.

Several predictions from a technological point of view were fulfilled in real life. Many others, no. From flying cars to garbage-powered vehicles, that 1989 film imagined a 2015 that for many is charming but not very credible.

Among the inventions in the film that did come close to reality are, for example, augmented reality glasses similar to GoogleGlass.

Film 2, which was also produced by Steven Spielberg, was not in anyone’s plans when the first part was filmed, but the success forced a continuation. Bob Gale wrote most of the first draft alone, because Zemeckis was busy making Who cheated on roger rabbit?

The big production challenge was the creation of Marty’s futuristic hometown, set in 2015.

“For me, the filming of the future scenes of the movie was the least pleasant thing about doing the whole trilogy,” confessed the director. “I really don’t like movies that try to predict the future. So, Instead of trying to make a scientific prediction of what probably wouldn’t happen, we thought, just imagining the future through funny inventions. “

Few know that Back to the future 2 and 3 were filmed simultaneously. A real filming chaos that went well. This second part became the second highest grossing of 1989 and was nominated for an Oscar for its special effects.


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