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The Sevilla striker has exploded in the Andalusian team after a long stint in European football

Lucas Ocampos (Quilmes; Argentina, 1994) has become one of Sevilla’s benchmarks. The forward has found his place in the world in Andalusia after he arrived at Monaco at the age of 18. He then played for Marseille, with an intermediate step for Genoa and Milan before arriving last summer at Sevilla. He played 44 games and scored 17 goals to be one of the leaders of the Europa League champion and fourth placed in LaLiga.

Question. How do you face a European final on Thursday against Bayern, probably the best team in the world right now?

Reply. It is the game that one has always wanted to play. So I face it happy, knowing that we are facing a very good team, which scored eight goals for Messi’s Barça. It’s a team with incredible players, but Manchester United or Inter also had them, teams we beat in the Europa League. They are the European champions and we have earned the right to play against them. We are going to have a great game and we are going to fight him, for sure. We already demonstrated it in the Europa League. Against United and Inter we did it and in this final there will be no exception. We know what we can give as a team.

P. Do you think this Bayern can mark an era in European football?

R. Well, Bayern are always among the best at the highest level. It is a historical of European football. It has been a year where perhaps it is differentiating itself a little more from the rest, although I do not know if that gives to mark an era. Curiously, it was rebuilt after a bad start in the Bundesliga. Now he has an impressive level, without a doubt.

P. What is Lucas Ocampos afraid of?

R. Fear? I am only afraid of spiders, but nothing else. The fear in football I have lost over time.

P. That there is so much favoritism in favor of Bayern takes pressure off them?

R. I repeat, they also gave us up for dead against Manchester United and Inter. And we won the cup. I think that favoritism does not reflect anything. Anyone who is a bit in the world of football knows that anything can happen to a match. We know the rival we have in front of us, but there is no less or more pressure or less because they are given favorites. Okay, Bayern have a better squad, more history and great individual players, but here is Sevilla to play a final in which millions of things can happen. For example, no one in the world could think that Bayern was going to score eight against Messi’s Barcelona. It was a rare result, but football has these things.

P. What impresses you the most about Bayern?

R. The humility that the team has. A group of stars where they all run the same way, they all go to one. A team with enormous greatness that works collectively very well.

P. What has Ocampos found in Sevilla to offer such a good performance?


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