Obama unleashes his fiercest attack on Trump

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A solo 13 days of the presidential elections in the United States, there is no time for detours, formalities or subtleties. At least they have disappeared from the manual Barack Obama to try that who was his number two, Joe Biden, now remove Donald Trump from the White House. This wednesday in Philadelphia, in his first campaign act in person after months of virtual actions, the former Democratic president has launched what so far has been his most fierce attack on his successor, a relentless flurry of criticism and condemnation to the republican.

Obama had previously denounced Trump harshly. He did it this summer in the same city, from where he gave his speech at the virtual Democratic convention with a message similar to this Wednesday. He also did so with veiled references at the funeral for Congressman John Lewis. But this time, with the urgency of an election already underway by early voting and by mail, and in a message designed to try to mobilize voters Urging them not to trust polls favorable to Biden, Obama has removed his gloves to strike relentlessly since the Trump’s handling of the pandemic that has already left more than 220,000 dead in the US until character.

“Unable to take his job seriously”

“Treat the presidency like a reality show but this is not a reality show, This is the reality. The rest of us have to live with the consequences of him showing himself unable to take work seriously“said Obama, who has repeatedly ridiculed to Trump. He has accused him, for example, of having ignored the plan that his Administration prepared for an emergency with coronavirus, saying that they used the 70-page manual “probably to balance a table that was limping somewhere & rdquor ;, and after its contagion of Covid-19 He has been singled out for “not being able to even take the basic steps to protect himself & rdquor ;.

Obama has also launched into Trump’s jugular, taking advantage of recent revelations that several years he paid only $ 750 in federal taxes and others even nothing, or that maintains a secret account in China. His comments splashed with irony, but the darts were no less sharp. “I understand that the president wants to take all the credit for the economy he inherited and zero blame for the pandemic he ignored, but the position does not work like that. Tweeting to TV doesn’t fix things& rdquor ;, he said.

With each denunciation, Obama was building the devastating portrait of a personalistic, selfish, and lying leader whose actions are having serious consequences for the US and recalled that “character and behavior matter & rdquor ;. “Our democracy can’t work if our leaders they lie every day and they invent thingsyes, and we become immune to it “, he has assured at one point. And at another he has denounced that Trump”empowers other people to be cruel and divisive and racist; it breaks the fabric of our society; it affects how our children see things, how our families relate, how the world sees America & rdquor ;.

“Vote like never before & rdquor;

Obama’s message was not just that blanket to Trump and the presentation, in contrast, of the candidacy of Biden and Harris. And in the last part of his speech he has recovered the speaker of hope and change. “America is a good and decent place but we’ve seen so much noise and nonsense these four years that sometimes it’s hard to remember & rdquor ;, he said. “Remember what this country can be“.

Above all, he has urged those gathered at the drive-in rally and those who followed him on the internet or on networks such as CNN, which has broadcast his act live, to mobilize and vote, remembering that in 2016 the polls favored Hillary Clinton, as now Biden, and they failed. “Not only can we imagine a better future, we have to fight for it. We have to vote like never before and leave no doubt & rdquor ;, has concluded.



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