Obama reappears in campaign to give Joe Biden a final push

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This Wednesday’s rally in Philadelphia will be the former president’s first live intervention in the weeks leading up to the elections.

Barack Obama returns to the campaign, less than two weeks before the elections, to ask for a vote for his former vice president, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden. It will be at a rally this Wednesday afternoon in Philadelphia with a drive-in format, in which attendees will be in their cars and will listen to him through their radios, to prevent covid infections in the middle of a pandemic that, far from remit, is already going through a clear rebound in the United States. This is the first of a series of appearances that the last Democratic president has scheduled in the final stretch of the campaign (the rest of the dates and places have not been revealed), and a key State for the interests has been chosen for its premiere of your party. With Democratic cities, Republican rural areas, and suburbs to choose one party or the other, Pennsylvania is one of those red-marked boxes on the route Joe Biden is confident will take him to the White House.

Obama had not participated in any live events of the Biden campaign until today, although it is one of his main assets. Rare is the occasion in which, addressing his followers, the Democratic candidate does not bring out the close relationship that unites him with the former president or some of the achievements they carried out together during his administration. While Trump has been repeatedly criticizing his predecessor in these four years, and destroying everything he could of his legacy, Obama has been at least content in his criticism of the Republican.

He has barely broken his silence on two occasions: first in the 2018 legislative campaign and then, last August, during the Democratic National Convention that elevated Biden, in which he made a powerful intervention, also from Philadelphia, a city in which the Constitution of the United States was written and signed. Obama said he was initially confident that the presidency would turn Trump over, but his hopes had been proven vain. “Donald Trump has not risen to the job because he cannot, and the consequences of that failure are serious,” he concluded.

The return of Obama takes place on the eve that, this Thursday in Nashville (Tennessee), Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet in the second and last presidential debate. After the harsh spectacle they offered in the first debate (the second was canceled after the president’s covid-positive), this time it has been decided that the candidates will have the microphone disabled while their rival intervenes.

Obama reappears in Pennsylvania a day after Trump held a rally in Erie, a town in the state’s run-down industrial north. The Republican has planned more visits to the state before the elections. “If we win Pennsylvania,” the president said in Erie, “we will win it all.” Trump, whom polls place as the loser in many of the states called to be decisive, was heading this Wednesday to North Carolina, another disputed territory. Biden, for his part, spends these days preparing the debate at his residence in Wilmington (Delaware).

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