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The former US president defends the Democratic candidate against Trump’s remarks on his political compass

Barack Obama has defended Joe Biden this Saturday from Donald Trump’s accusations in which he accuses him of being with the Chavista and Castro regime. “Joe Biden is not a socialist,” the former president said loud and clear about the Democratic candidate at a rally at Florida International University in Miami. In recent weeks, the Republican has called his opponent “socialist” and “communist” in order to win the vote of Cuban and Venezuelan exiles in Florida. Obama has denied Trump’s words and added: “Joe will promote human rights in Cuba and in the world, he will not pamper dictators as Trump does.”

Obama spoke from a sober stage, with no spectators within 100 feet. From the parking lot a tiny head could be seen speaking in the shade, even though it was lit up in full color on the screen. From afar, many Democrats this afternoon watched the hope for change in this country that the former president represented in 2008 and continues – four years after leaving office – representing. This has been the second campaign act in which Obama participates in the final stretch of the elections. On Wednesday, he reappeared on the political scene to give a speech in Philadelphia, signaling that Democrats are beefing up the campaign in the pendulum states with the former president’s appearances. Florida is a crucial state for both campaigns: there are 29 of the 270 electoral votes that any candidate needs to become the next president of the United States.

The entrance to the campus of Florida International University in Florida, north of the city, seemed at two in the afternoon an island of peace within the chaotic and polarized Miami of these days. A few dozen silent families, with their chairs and some flags, waited next to their car in the parking lot for the rally to begin as if they were going to see a movie. A screen in the distance and on the speakers, Bruce Springsteen. In this affluent area, everything seems organized and quiet. Far are the dragons of pick up on 8th Street in Little Havana screaming for Trump. If someone who walks the streets these days and listens to the Cuban or Venezuelan community compare Biden to Castro wonders where the Democrats are in this part of the country, it is here, in their cars, with their soft drinks, patiently waiting for Obama.

Marcy Grosso and her sister Vivian Bertier, 53 and 58, the two Cuban but raised since the age of eight in Miami tell how difficult it is to be Cuban in the city and support Joe Biden: “You can’t imagine how frustrating it is ”, Summarizes Bertier. Grosso lists the reasons why Trump “is more similar than any other leader” to a tyrant and his speech accelerates: “The handle buzzes when they call a communist. Imagine that a Cuban woman is called a communist, it’s tremendous ”, he unburdens himself in front of his car in the parking lot, about 50 meters from the stage.

A few meters from the sisters, next to a purple truck with bored girls on the roof, María Chirino, 72, arrived in Miami 50 years ago. “I come from Cuba. I know what this is. He looks like a [se ve como un] tyrant, not the democrats, ”he insists. Next to her, her daughter has an amputated arm, and she points out: “We need someone to guarantee us the right to health.”

Obama focused precisely on the future of healthcare for the Latino population. “The pandemic has hit Latinos and African Americans more than any sector in Florida,” he said. The former president has accused Trump of being negligent in caring for the coronavirus pandemic and in trying to end the Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare, the health insurance access program that he implemented when he was president and that Trump has tried to eliminate . “Why would you want to burden yourself with healthcare at the time when we need it most? According to Obama, 93% of Hispanics in Florida have signed up for the program. “I knew that Trump was not going to embrace my vision,” he acknowledged.

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