Nutri indicates foods that are good for the body and heart. Look!

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A beautiful body needs to be, first of all, healthy. Therefore, it is important to choose good foods that help the body function properly, in addition to preventing more serious diseases. Nutritionist Monique Ferraz explained the importance of nutrients for heart health and listed the best options for a balanced menu. Know more!

Refined and ultra-processed carbohydrates are bad for the heart. Understand!

If you were thinking that cholesterol was the main villain of the diet and heart, know that white flour, sugars and ultra-processed foods are what cause changes in the body. “The refined carbohydrate causes hyperinsulinemia, high production of insulin, an anabolic hormone, which unbalances the inflammatory process. Another extremely harmful food is vegetable oils, such as sunflower, soy and corn, as they undergo many chemical processes”, says the professional.

Prioritize natural foods and good fat sources

Therefore, nutri reinforces that it is very important to prioritize fruits, vegetables, proteins and vegetables on the menu to stay healthy and away from cardiovascular risks. “For those who want good cardiovascular health, it is necessary to give preference to foods that are sources of good fats, rich in Omega-3, and saturated fat, which helps in the regulation of cholesterol levels, and foods that help in controlling inflammation”.

Avocado, cocoa and fruits rich in vitamin C strengthen the heart

Among the options that you can already insert in the routine, avocado is a good source of fat and helps to regulate cholesterol levels. “Cocoa is rich in polyphenols that help to reduce inflammation. Consuming chocolate in moderation with a content equal to or greater than 70% of cocoa”, guides Monique. In addition, fruits such as acerola, cashews and strawberries, rich in vitamin C, help in the health of arteries and in the production of collagen.

Seeds, oilseeds and olive oil: include in the menu!

Rich in omega-3 and fatty acids, flaxseeds, nuts, chia and olive oil improve circulation, regulate cholesterol and even help in the body’s anti-inflammatory process. Include these ingredients on the menu, whether for breakfast or to season salads and vegetables! “Red cabbage and grapes have resveratrol, another important polyphenol in the fight against inflammation and also promotes improvement in blood flow”.

Eggs and fish have essential nutrients for health

The expert also did not leave out the egg of the diet. “It is a source of cholesterol and many vitamins and minerals such as zinc, folic acid, calcium, vitamin A and E that are important in our immune system and in inflammation.” One tip is to put a little turmeric in the eggs, a great natural anti-inflammatory. And don’t forget the fish, like salmon and sardines. Monique recommends consuming them at least twice a week.

(By Marina Couto)


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