In July, a shovel was hit in the ground at Heinäpää in Oulu. A new football hall will be built in the sports center on the outskirts of the city center.

The hall is owned by the men’s AC Oulu playing in Ykkönen and the traditional Oulu Skating Club.

On Wednesday, a raffle was held for the name of the hall. There was an ingenious idea behind it.

– The purpose of the whole thing was that many entrepreneurs had the opportunity to get a name for themselves. Quite often these names of halls and arenas are a small circle thing – the name goes to the one who pays the most, AC Oulu club director Juho Meriläinen open.

In the past, companies had the opportunity to buy advertising space indoors with a certain amount of support. At the same time, everyone who bought an ad slot was automatically entered into the draw.

The name eventually went to the Indian restaurant Garam Masala. It is therefore possible that the Garam Masala hall will be located in Heinäpää in the future. The nominal deal is five years old.

– It has aroused hilarity, but the intention was that the name could go to a small local actor.

– Garam Masala won the draw, but the name is not yet known. They get to decide for themselves, Meriläinen continues.

Nagraja Oy is the restaurant’s backing company.

Private individuals also had the opportunity to support the hall project with 99 euros. With that amount, it got its own name on the support wall of the hall.

In July, Meriläinen hoped that the hall would be upright at best next winter.

10 year wait ends?

The board of the Football Association met on Thursday night and decided how to finish the men’s Ykkönen season. The decision was to try to play all the remaining matches.

The last full round will be played on Saturday, but next week the top teams will still have individual scratch matches ahead. In its press release, the Football Association said that if an entire team is quarantined, the matches will no longer be postponed, but the series will be decided in its entirety and the league rankings will be calculated based on relative points.

The calculation is based on the matches played by each club at the time of closing.

The number one tip is teasing. AC Oulu, who has played 20 matches, is in a top position with his top spot. It has a stack of 44 points and two unplayed matches.

The second KTP has three matches left, and the Eagles are three points behind AC Oulu. FF Jaro from Pietarsaari is tied with KTP, but is playing two more matches.

The runner-up qualifies for the Veikkausliiga qualifying team.

Oulu is feverishly expected to return to the main series after a 10-year wait. Prior to the 2011 season, AC Oulu was dropped by a cabinet decision from the serial stage downwards when a league license was not obtained.

The economy was in turmoil then. Oululaislähtöisen ex-player Meriläinen under the leadership of the club has received financial side of the condition in recent years, and the rise has been caught sporty loss.

– We are definitely ready to get up, Meriläinen says.

AC Oulu is rarely surviving the Korona era as a winner. In the spring, Iltalehti told how the players of the representative team left in large numbers for seasonal work in the countryside.

– Financially, this is going to be a good year in relation to the interest rate. We basically had lower expenses when the player budget fell, and the players earned well in the crown spring work. There are no financial threats ahead, Meriläinen says.