Now they say that Luis Suárez ruled out the possibility of going to play at Juventus

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The Uruguayan will not continue at Barcelona but his future is uncertain.

The football pass market overshadowed by the pandemic and in economic crisis due to the parate generated by the pandemic, has a lot of noise and little nuts. The comings and goings, whose main example was that of Lionel Messi, are constant. And in that scenario, Luis Suárez seeks a new direction.

What seemed to be a fixed now is almost ruled out. According to Catalan media, the Uruguayan forward will not play for Juventus.

This is because he cannot access dual Italian nationality before October 6, so he could not play the Champions League for the Turin club.

The immediate future of the attacker and Messi’s friend for the moment is unknown since he trains outside the group in Barcelona and to top it all, the culé club has already fastened the hiring of Memphis Depay to reinforce the attack.

The new Barcelona technical secretary, Ramon Planes, was very careful about the resolution of the Suárez case.

“We must have a lot of respect for the players who have given so much to the club. We are in a process of change in the team, with a new coach and new ideas. We must respect the players’ contracts, the market ends on October 5 and until that moment, many things can happen, “he said.


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