We are getting closer to the arrival of the new generation of consoles on the market. Both Sony and Microsoft have mentioned that their new consoles will arrive at the end of the year, however, the Redmond company has been much more specific, mentioning that Xbox Series X will go on sale in November, although he has not given specific details about the day or the price.

When Xbox revealed this information, the Xbox Series S was a rumor, however, as we mentioned earlier, after the design and even a video of the console were leaked, Microsoft has made official only the name and design, mentioning that it is the smallest Xbox everHowever, they have promised to reveal more details about it later, as we do not know anything about its specifications, at least not officially.

Credit: Microsoft

How much will the Series X cost and when will it go on sale?

Regarding the price, it had been mentioned previously that the Redmond company was waiting for Sony to officially reveal the cost of the PS5, as Xbox wanted to lower the price of its Series X by 100 dollars to make it more attractive, although its price range could range between 499 and 599 dollars.

Windows Central, a medium that revealed a lot of information about the Xbox Series S and Series X, and which ended up being a reality, has now dropped a “bomb” again, as it reveals that Microsoft has decided, and that the The Xbox Series X price will be $ 499.

The North American media is usually very careful with its words, and in previous leaks it mentioned that all the information shared was rumors but from reliable sources, but today they have said that they confirm that the price of the Xbox Series X is $ 499, what it calls the attention and strength of the information in Windows Central is that in that same sentence they had also confirmed that the price of the Xbox Series S was $ 299 since before Microsoft made the price official.

Unfortunately we cannot make anything official that the Redmond company does not announce on its own, but the information in Windows Central can be classified as highly reliable.

On the other hand, users in countries where the Xbox All Access program is available will be able to get a Series S for only $ 25 per month, while the Xbox Series X will have a financing plan of $ 35 per month, that is, 545 and 762 Mexican pesos respectively.

In fact, another great news is that the North American media affirms that Xbox All Access will have more importance for Microsoft with the new generation, so it is highly probable that it will even end up reaching more countries.

When will both consoles go on sale?

Another detail that many of us are waiting for is the release date of both consoles. A few months ago it had been mentioned that the Xbox Series S could see the light of day until next year, leaving 2020 only for Microsoft’s most powerful console in history, however, Windows Central reveals that the 2 consoles will come out this year, And that’s not all, they will come out at the same time, so if you were holding on to the urge to buy a new console this year because you thought the Series X would exceed your budget, then this may be good news, because Series X and Series S would be available to the public from next Thursday, November 10.

Recall that despite the fact that the game that was most expected for this launch such as Halo: Infinite was delayed until 2021, there will be games created for the next generation of consoles this year, and in the case of Xbox we will have software backward compatibility ( games) from all generations of Xbox in history, while all your Xbox One accessories will work flawlessly for the Xbox Series X.