This time, the Office of the President of the Republic is organizing the Castle Festival in a new way. Handshakes are not held.

– The festive reception has previously gathered a couple of thousand Finns in the Presidential Palace. But homes also celebrate Independence Day, millions in front of the TV. Although this year we will not gather in the traditional way at the Presidential Palace, it will by no means diminish the significance of the celebration. We are celebrating Finland and our independence together with all Finns through a new kind of program, President Sauli Niinistö says in a press release published today, Tuesday.

The celebrations have previously been held at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki. The last time the celebrations changed shape was in 2013, when renovations were made to the Presidential Palace. At that time, the celebrations were held at Tampere Hall in Tampere.

Yle shows the events of Independence Day on Yle TV1. There will be compilations of Independence Day receptions from previous decades and Finnish performing arts. The broadcast is bilingual.

– In addition to the Presidential Palace, the broadcast will visit different parts of Finland and monitor how Finns celebrate Independence Day in different ways. Viewers have the opportunity to send their own greetings for the evening’s broadcast, the President’s Office says in a press release.

More detailed information about the party will be announced in early November.