It was confirmed to Iltalehti from the Helsinki District Court that Mikael Gabrielin suspected of committing drunk driving on 3 June and drug offense on 1 June.

Iltalehti did not reach Mikael Gabriel to comment on the criminal suspicions, but now the rap artist has told about the course of the case in the Instagram Stories section.

– In June, I was stopped in the center of Helsinki in the middle of the working day, he says.

– According to the police, it was a routine check and I was taken for a blood test.

– Immediately after the exam, I was able to go home and was also allowed to keep my driving license, because I was not suspected of endangering traffic or driving while intoxicated, Mikael Gabriel writes.

His message gives the impression that the charges have come as a surprise to him, mainly through news coverage. It is clear from the District Court that the application for summons has already been received on 21 August 2020.

– I was informed today that the prosecutor has decided to prosecute drunk driving and drug offense because a small amount of cannabis residue had been found in my blood, he continues.

Mikael Gabriel says he cannot comment on this further due to the incompleteness of the process.

– I sign a zero tolerance steering wheel and will not drive if my driving ability is impaired for some reason.

– If the me in this matter are judged by the position responsibilities, as I have always done.

From a tube to children’s parties

The last two years ago, a rap artist was caught by police in a similar act. At that time, he was fined in the Helsinki District Court for drug offenses, drunk driving and drug use offenses.

At that time, the rap artist had to spend the night in a tube after his carriage, after which he hurried to perform at the Children’s Independence Day celebration organized by the City of Helsinki. The celebration was held at Finlandia Hall and there were 5,700 fourth-grade children.

At the time, the producer of the event told Iltalehti that they had no information about the artist’s drug cart.

– If we had known about this drug cart in advance, he would hardly have gotten on the benches.

Mikael Gabriel arrived hours late and his manager did not say the reason for the delay.

The latest bust caused Mikael Gabriel to cancel the gig. He was supposed to perform on MTV on Wednesday at the Godparents Live: Life for a Child charity concert.

– We have jointly agreed that Mikael Gabriel will opt out of the Life for a Child concert broadcast in this situation, so that attention remains the main purpose of the program, comments Matti Valli Marketing and Communications Manager for Children’s Clinics Godparents for MTV.