Actors familiar from the series Secret Lives, Kerttu Rissanen, 24, and Sami Uotila, 49, have been dating for some time.

Over the weekend, however, there was a stir in the entertainment world when both Rissanen and Santa Cruz singer-guitarist Archie Cruz, aka Arttu Kuosmanen, 28, both posted the same group photo of their evening on their Instagram accounts.

Cruz also commented on Rissanen’s image with three hearts.

If the Instagram embedding does not appear, you can access it from this link.

Relationship speculation began immediately and the duo were congratulated.

– Beautiful couple, among other things, the comments were admired.

– Are you really going to trade Sam for this? In the comment field of Rissanen’s picture, there was also an udder referring to a possible relationship between the actor and the rocker.

Rissanen did not answer any questions at that time.

Now, however, he has written his exhaustive answer below the picture:

– Hi, everyone! As the caption reads, Archie and I are just friends. Joy for a week.

Cruz has commented on the response with laughter.

Both Rissanen and Cruz participated in the recent Survivors of the North season, which has not yet been seen on television.