Novel ‘Haja Coração’ is back! Remember who’s who in the plot of 7

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Unlike a remake, “Haja Coração” is a reinterpretation of the novel “Sassaricando” (1987), a success by Silvio de Abreu. Aired in 2016, the plot returns to the air this Monday (12) with unpublished characters, contexts and plots that differ from the original work, currently being re-presented on the paid channel Viva. Written by Daniel Ortiz, author of “Salve-se Quem Puder”, whose exhibition was paralyzed due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the booklet has Tatá Werneck in the role of the anthological Fedora – lived in the first version by Cristina Pereira – and Mariana Ximenes in Tancinha’s skin, a character that is still a landmark in Claudia Raia’s career.

Novel ‘Haja Coração’ brought back Shirley Manca

Set in São Paulo, “Haja Coração” will have, for example, a character brought from “Torre de Babel” (1998). Previously played by Karina Barum, Shirley Manca will now be played by Sabrina Petraglia. “In addition to paying homage to modern São Paulo, I am creating a new version for one of my favorite novels. Although some characters keep their names, they interact with new ones and face the dilemmas of today, which allows us to tell the story in a new way “, explains Daniel Ortiz. Check out the full list of characters below and see who’s who in our gallery!

Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes) – is the most outgoing and explosive of Francesca’s daughters (Marisa Orth). Sister of Giovanni (Jayme Matarazzo), Carmela (Chandelly Braz) and Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia), she spent a good deal of her childhood in the countryside with her Italian maternal grandmother, so she speaks wrong, with a strong Italian accent. Good girl, loyal, devoted to her family, hardworking, very sweet and loving.

Apolo (Malvino Salvador) – was removed from a shelter by Nair (Ana Carbatti) as a child, along with his two orphaned brothers: Adônis (José Loreto) and Larissa (Marcella Valente). It is abrupt and burst, but it has a heart of gold. He dreams of becoming a rally driver.

Beto Velázquez (João Baldasserini) – son of Penélope (Carolina Ferraz) and brother of Tamara (Cleo Pires), this publicist is a conqueror and will rock the courtship of Tancinha and Apolo.

Tamara (Cleo Pires) – anxious and cool, the owner of a nightclub inside the Grand Bazzar deals with life on the basis of “or all or nothing” and takes extreme actions. Daughter of Penélope (Carolina Ferraz) and sister of Beto, she will get involved with Apolo.

Teodora Abdala (Grace Gianoukas) – the president of Grand Bazzar and head of the family Abdala treats her husband Aparício (Alexandre Borges) like a dog and is capable of anything by Fedora (Tatá Werneck), his daughter.

Aparício Varela (Alexandre Borges) – is the vice president of Grand Bazzar, who gave up the great love of his life, Rebeca (Malu Mader), to marry out of interest with Teodora Abdala (Grace Gianoukas). Fedora’s father (Tatá Werneck), he disapproves of the pampered education the woman gives her daughter.

Fedora (Tatá Werneck) – the daughter of Aparício (Alexandre Borges) and Teodora (Grace Gianoukas), who is willful like her mother and raised as a princess and does nothing in life except buying and showing, especially on social media; will fall in love with Leozinho (Gabriel Godoy)

Lucrécia (Claudia Jimenez) – Teodora’s older sister is Camila’s mother (Agatha Moreira) and married Agilson (Marcelo Médici) without loving him just to pay back Aparício (Alexandre Borges), with whom she has always been in love.

Agilson Varela (Marcelo Médici) – Aparício’s younger brother, married to Lucrécia (Claudia Jimenez) and Camila’s father (Agatha Moreira); smart, he has good shots and is very rascal to worry about “minor” problems like home and money

Camila (Agatha Moreira) – the only daughter of Agilson (Marcelo Médici) and Lucrécia (Claudia Jimenez), and confidant of Aparício, his uncle; is an ambitious fashion photographer who was spoiled by her parents and spreads rudeness wherever she goes, including Enéas (Johnnas Oliva), her boyfriend.

Leonardo Raposo (Gabriel Godoy) – Fedora presents itself as the millionaire heir to oil wells, but in reality it is a cheater, planted by a mysterious superior to destroy the Abdala family.

Di Marino Family

Francesca (Marisa Orth) – Italian who arrived in Brazil as a child and retains much of her native accent, she is the mother of Tancinha (Mariana Ximenes), Carmela (Chandelly Braz), Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) and Giovanni (Jayme Matarazzo). She does not accept the disappearance of her husband, Guido (Werner Schünnemann), who believes he was murdered by Aparício Varela.

Guido (Werner Schünnemann) – Italian immigrant, 20 years ago he lived a hard and peaceful life with Francesca (Marisa Orth), and their children, in the village house that he bought with much sacrifice. He worked as an accountant at the Grand Bazzar, with his friend Aparício Varela. One day he went out to buy cigarettes and never came back.

Giovanni (Jayme Matarazzo) – the oldest son of Francesca (Marisa Orth) and Guido (Werner Schünnemann), despite being studious, serious, good character and friend to both the mother and the three sisters, is marked by two traumas: the disappearance of the father in childhood and an unfair prison. Flirt Bruna (Fernanda Vasconcellos).

Carmela (Chandelly Braz) – Francesca’s third daughter (Marisa Orth) and Guido (Werner Schünnemann) hates the simple life she leads, despite helping her mother and sisters at the fair. He uses Adônis (José Loreto), who is crazy about her, whenever he needs a partner in his frames.

Shirlei (Sabrina Petraglia) – character inspired by Shirley Manca, played by Karina Barum in ‘Torre de Babel’, and who in the soap opera ‘Haja Coração’ is the youngest daughter of Francesca (Marisa Orth) and Guido (Werner Schünnemann), in love with her neighbor Adônis (José Loreto)

Santos Family

Nair (Ana Carbatti) – teacher who adopted the brothers Apolo, Adônis (José Loreto) and Larissa (Marcella Valente).

Adônis (José Loreto) – Nair’s adopted son and brother of Apolo and Larissa (Marcella Valente) hates being heavy, is vain and very successful with women. However, he has no eyes for the sweet Shirlei, who adores him, because he is in love with Carmela.

Larissa (Marcella Valente) – the sister of Apollo and Adonis, was also adopted by Nair. She is a housewife and dreams of studying Psychology, but she never had money or the support of her husband, Renan (Conrado Caputo).

Renan (Conrado Caputo) – is Larissa’s husband and brother-in-law of Apollo and Adonis.

To coverage

Rebecca (Malu Mader) – it is the great love of Aparício (Alexandre Borges) in his youth, which he abandoned to strike the chest on Teodora (Grace Gianoukas). Elegant and thin woman, she lived for years outside of Brazil after having married a Spaniard and returns to the country, widowed and without money, but with an architecture degree that helps her to get work at the Grand Bazzar. She befriends Penélope (Carolina Ferraz) and Leonora (Ellen Rocche) at a spa, and takes them to live on her penthouse.

Leonora (Ellen Rocche) – is an ex-BBB eliminated still in the glass house stage, who befriends Amiga de Rebeca (Malu Mader) and Penélope (Carolina Ferraz). His familiarity with the world of media allows him to set scenes with an absolute stick face and despite being exuberant and sensual, he is also authentic, sweet, good friend. He has a weakness for strong, muscular men.

Penélope (Carolina Ferraz) – friend of Rebeca (Malu Mader) and Leonora (Ellen Rocche), she is a very motherly woman and despite being dedicated to her daughter, Tamara (Cleo Pires) and loving her son Beto (João Baldasserini), she is criticized for her macho attitude. and superficial of it. He dreams of rebuilding affective life after divorce.

Dinalda (Renata Augusto) – it is the employee of Rebeca (Malu Mader) who only does not leave because she has many months of salary behind her and lives with the hope of receiving when the boss manages to hit the chest.

Producer Peripécia

Henrique (Nando Rodrigues) – Enéas’ brother (Johnnas Oliva) is a discreet, creative, good, and talented boy, who is always in Beto’s shadow (João Baldasserini). He will fall in love and get involved with Penélope, Beto’s mother, which causes a serious crisis between them.

Enéas (Johnnas Oliva) – Sweet and polite boy, he is Henrique’s brother and Camila’s boyfriend.

Marina (Nina Frosi) – secretary of producer Peripécia.

Rodrigo Furtado (Leopoldo Pacheco) – Owner of producer Peripécia.


Carol (Bruna Griphao) – neighbor of Tancinha’s family, she is a kind teenager with everyone, but doesn’t let anyone get close. She has no friends or boyfriend, despite the boys’ harassment and has a protective stance with the brothers Nicolas (Henry Fiuka) and Bia (Melissa Nóbrega).

Bia (Melissa Nóbrega) – is Carol and Nicolas’ younger sister (Henry Fiuk). A curious, obedient and loving girl with her brothers.

Nicolas (Henry Fiuka) – Carol’s brother (Bruna Griphao) and Bia (Melissa Nóbrega), he is chubby, wears glasses and is not good at sports, although his dream was to be a surfer type, adored by girls. He reads a lot, knows everything about computers and is an excellent student.

Murilo (Cadu Libonati) – is Carol’s classmate (Bruna Griphao), who despite being from a wealthy family, wants to work and earn her own money, so she gets a job at one of the Grand Bazzar establishments

Gracita (Eunice Braulio) – neighbor of Tancinha’s family.

Marieta (Hilda Rebello) – neighbor of Tancinha’s family.


Adriana (Isabel Wilker) – Apollo non-rally sponsor.

Bruna (Fernanda Vasconcellos) – Giovanni’s girlfriend, she works as a lawyer at the Grand Bazzar.

Dynamite (Igor Pushinov) – Leozinho’s participation.

Eduardo – (Tiago Homci) – Larissa’s ex-boyfriend and Renan’s best friend. He will do anything to separate the couple.

Estelinha Salgado (Julia Faria) – rival blogger for Fedora Abdala on social media.

Felipe (Marcos Pitombo) – Vitória’s son (Betty Gofman) and Jessica’s boyfriend (Karen Junqueira), he will cross Shirlei’s path.

Jessica (Karen Junqueira) – Felipe’s girlfriend.

Rose (Sabrina Souza) – Grand Bazzar secretary.

Victory (Betty Gofman) – mother of Felipe and Cris (Isadora Cruz).

Cris (Isadora Cruz) – daughter of Vitória and sister of Felipe.


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