Novak Djokovic’s fight, with or without the support of Federer and Nadal: “In tennis not everything is so beautiful or brilliant”

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The Serbian will not back down and will lead an Association parallel to the ATP, despite criticism from the Spanish and the Swiss.

He is number one in the world and his project starts from a realistic premise. Novak Djokovic says that tennis is among the four most popular sports in the world and that it is followed by more than 1,000 million people, but that its potential was not and is not fully exploited because there is a monopoly.

He points to the strap: to the Association of Professional Tennis Players (ATP). That is why he heads a parallel Association, the Professional Tennis Players Association (PTPA), and is willing to make it like whoever likes it.

“In men’s tennis there is a monopoly and a system that governs for decades, and when people are in positions of government, they are not interested in changing. The goal is to represent the rights of tennis players and we know we have a long way to go. Before founding it, I spoke with Nadal and Federer. But they didn’t want to be part of it and I don’t criticize anyone. We live in a democratic society and everyone has the right to have an opinion, “he told the Serbian sports channel. Sports Club.

Along with the Canadian Vasil Pospisil and other players, Nole works “to establish the system and structure” of an Association that would help lower-ranking tennis players. His proposal generated resistance in the environment and caused the reaction of none other than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal

“We will try to move forward without them,” Djokovic confirmed, “to build the systematic foundations and values ​​of the organization that all players deserve. One of the organization’s greatest goals and ambitions is to try to give a platform and voice to the lower ranked players trying to surface and say that not everything is so beautiful and bright“Djokovic summed up.

When the project headed by Djokovic came to light in August, both Nadal and Federer came out to the crossroads and marked their differences.

“I think these are times to be calm and all work together in the same direction. It’s time for unity, not for separation“, criticized the Spanish from his Twitter account.

And he added: “These are moments when great things can be achieved as long as the world of tennis is united. Everyone, players, tournaments and governing bodies, we have to work together. We have a bigger problem and separation and disunity definitely not they are the solution. “

Federer added to the answer: “I agree, Rafa. These are uncertain and challenging times, but I think it is essential for us to be united as players and as a sport to pave the best way forward, “said the Swiss.

For Djokovic, this is no reason to back down: “We will not stop, despite the fact that many people tried to discourage us and nip the organization. Especially in the United States there were coups. I understand that people have different opinions and visions of That. In my opinion, that organization is crucial for tennis players and must exist. “

The Serbian explained that his idea responds to a project that has existed for two decades and that there were several attempts to shape it.

“Neither I nor Vasil nor anyone who has participated in the founding of the organization have had the intention of opposing anyone. We have always said that the organization has been created to advocate for the rights of one hundred percent of tennis players, male and female players. , from the initial rank to the highest, professional, “said the Serbian.

According to the world number one, tennis is in its golden age, but the media focus is limited to the best and that is why “There is a skewed image of professional tennis” believing that everyone is a millionaire and they win as those who are better positioned, when reality indicates that little more than the first hundred can make a living from tennis.

In another order, he considered that this season, in which he lost only one game, the Roland Garros final against Nadal, and was disqualified in the second round of the US Open, is one of the best of his career. On the horizon are the Vienna tournament and the London Masters, from November 15 to 22. And start 2021 at the Australian Open.

“I could put an end to my career tomorrow and I would be satisfied with everything I have achieved,” warned the world number one, “but I still enjoy the competition and it makes me happy to have a racket in my hands.”



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