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The company chaired by Guglielmo Marchetti announces the acquisitions of seven new cinematographic works presented at the recent virtual markets of Cannes and Toronto which will enrich its list for the coming months

Notorious Pictures has announced the acquisitions of seven new films that have been featured at recent virtual markets of Cannes e Toronto.
Guglielmo Marchetti, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented as follows:

In this particular period Notorious continues to enrich its audiovisual content coffer with seven new films of high artistic and commercial value. All films will be exploited in the best possible way in the various media, taking advantage of all the new opportunities that the digital market makes available to us. In particular, I like to report the acquisition of two great films that are highly anticipated: the return to the big screen after the Oscar for Joker by Joaquin Phoenix with his new movie C’mon C’mon e The Georgetown Project with Russell Crowe e Sam Worthington.

These, in detail, are the seven new films entered in the list of Notorious Pictures, which is consolidated in the Theatrical distribution:


Musical comedy by Steve Pink with Zachary Levy (Shazam!) and with the star of Riverdale e One meter from you Cole Sprouse. Former rock singer Jack, who has become the father of a family, loses his job. With the mortgage to pay and the loan to be taken for his daughter’s college, he hides from his wife that he has quit and, to earn money, works as a singer for a 20-year-old cover band that performs at weddings. Discovered by his wife, the marriage goes into crisis, but Jack does everything to recover it and in the meantime helps the guitarist of the cover band, Ben, to bring out his talent as a songwriter, instead of hiding behind the guitar.


Horror about an exorcism written and directed by M.A. Fortin e Joshua John Miller and performed by Russell Crowe e Sam Worthington. A troubled actor begins to break down psychologically while playing a film about an exorcism. Her daughter begins to wonder if there is some more sinister aspect behind this breakdown that she is not aware of.


The new Oscar-winning film Joaquin Phoenix produced and distributed by A24. Directed by Mike Mills (The women in my life) tells the story of Johnny, an artist famous on the radio for his documentary interviews, who sets off on a journey across America with his young nephew.


Thriller about the true story of Meyer Lansky, a Belarusian naturalized American mafioso, principal exponent of the so-called “Jewish Syndicate”. After retiring to Miami under the protection of the FBI, he decides to tell his story to journalist David Stone. But slowly it will turn into a massacre game organized by Lansky to continue cheating everything and everyone. Directed by Eytan Rockaway with Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington e Minka Kelly.


Romantic thriller shot in Los Angeles during the Lockdown. The stars of social media are the protagonists KJ Apa (Riverdale) e Sofia Carson (Descendants) along with an important cast that includes Demi Moore, Alexandra Daddario, Peter Stormare, Craig Robinson e Bradley Whitford. Produce Michael Bay.


Mafia thriller of Canadian production with an extraordinary Sergio Castellitto in the role of the godfather Frank Paternò. The film is based on the investigative book of the same name and directed by Podz and tells the story of a certain Vincent “Vince” Gamache, the son of a Quebec tailor who works on behalf of the Mafia boss Paternò. Vince’s sister Sofie is engaged to one of Paternò’s children. The relationship between the two families becomes particularly strained when Vince is kicked out of the Sicilian clan for making a serious mistake.


Teen Drama based on the book of the same name, a literary case in Germany. Steffi’s life couldn’t be more perfect: she is young, she is in love and she is planning a trip to Paris. Everything changes as soon as he unexpectedly receives a devastating diagnosis: he doesn’t have much time to live. Steve, a bad boy she has just met, offers to accompany her to Paris. Without further ado and with a stolen car, the two set off on an incredible adventure. Based on a true story.



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