For many PlayStation users, trophies – first implemented on PlayStation 3- are a integral part of your gaming experience.

Obtaining all the collectibles, finishing the games on maximum difficulty, eliminating a certain number of enemies online and completing specific variables are just some of the requirements that these users are always looking to cover for to unlock your precious trophies.

That is why it is important that you know that from the night of October 7, 2020, the trophy system will implement changes automatically, and in order that this situation does not catch anyone in a curve, Sony published an entry in the official blog of PlayStation to explain what the settings.

Eye, the changes They do not apply to trophies already obtained or to the requirements to unlock them.

The first big adjustment will be reflected in the trophy level, since the scale will no longer be 1-100, but 1-999. This means that those at level 12 will now be close to position 200, based on the number of trophies that have been acquired and their grade.

Another change will be seen in the calculation system, now the level progression will be faster in the first levels to make there more congruence when climbing, which translates into an optimized and rewarding experience for users.

This new calculation also applies to the impact of trophies on the level of progress, so now a platinum trophy will involve a lot More value.

And an additional adjustment will be seen in the trophy tier icons on PlayStation 5, as there is currently only one gold star, but these variables will be implemented as of the update:

  • Bronze: Levels 1 to 299
  • The payment: Levels 300 to 599
  • Oro: Levels from 600 to 998
  • Platinum: Level 999