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The hydrogen-fuel cell powertrain of the lower-to-mid-range Toyota Mirai sedan interacts with about five kilograms of hydrogen stored in the car’s tanks with oxygen from the atmosphere. The reaction generates electricity, the only by-product of the process being pure water – about 6 liters per 100 kilometers.

Let’s now jump over to the Dutch capital, where a taxi company put 35 Toyota Miras into service in the spring of 2019. They provide a non-traditional taxi service: they provide transport in 0-24 for Dutch nationals who, due to their age or state of health, are not allowed to travel by public transport (there is such a statutory service in the Netherlands).

Thirty-five Toyota Mirai have covered one and a half million kilometers in the last year and a half, which is 2,400 kilometers per car and per month – not that much distance, but enough for the service provider (and Toyota) to see how reliable the technology is on a daily basis. . The.

But how much more exciting it is to look at all this with the fact that the cars of the company Noot Personenvervoer produced one and a half years (1,500,000 / 100) * 6 = 90,000 liters of water. This would be 90 cubic meters, which would be enough to fill a single track of a 25-meter pool (2.5 meters wide) to a depth of 1.44 meters, or even an average Hungarian household. annual water consumption to cover.

By the way, the company has been serving forty Mirai since then, and next year the new generation model will come, which you can read about in detail by clicking here.



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