In July 2011 Anders Behring Breivik first detonated a bomb in central Oslo. He then drove on the island of Utøya, beginning his eyeless slaughter.

A total of 77 people were killed on the darkest day in Norwegian history. Now Fjotolf Hansenina however, a well-known terrorist wants to get parole.

– He has the right to apply for it after ten years in prison, Hansen’s lawyer Øystein Storrvik said the news agency AFP.

– I’ve already filed a petition on his behalf, the lawyer continued.

Inspired by far-right hatred ideology, Breivik originally received a 21-year sentence for mass murder and terrorism. It is likely, however, that he will not be released even after that.

– He will never be released. Never, tweeted the current mayor of Oslo Raymond Johansen, who served as general secretary of the Labor Party at the time of the attack.

The story continues after the tweet.

Storrvik also confirmed to the Norwegian newspaper VG that his client intends to re-sue the state over prison conditions. Breivik tried the same trick back in 2015, when he claimed imprisonment violated his human rights, even though he has three separate cells where he can exercise, play video games, and watch television.

In the end, the Norwegian Supreme Court did not even take the case to trial, and Breivik did not have better luck in the European Court of Human Rights either.

Normally, Norwegian prisoners are released after serving two-thirds of their sentence. Today, 41-year-old Breivik / Hansen is probably the exception that reinforces the rule.

– I’m pretty sure that the Norwegian judicial system will make the right decision, tviittasi the island of Utøya survivor Vegard Wennesland.