According to South Korea, a 47-year-old man trying to desert to North Korea was caught in the water and shot, and his body was later burned, BBC and AFP report. It is the first assassination committed by the North Korean army in ten years.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has apologized, calling the event “unexpected and shameful”, the Blue House, the South Korean presidency, announced on Friday, writes, quoting AFP.
This is a fisheries official. The South Korean military announced on Thursday that the man had been interrogated for several hours while in the water and that he had expressed a desire to desert to North Korea, but was shot by “order of a higher authority.” “.
The official was reported missing Monday aboard a patrol ship sailing near South Korea’s Yeonpyeong Island, 1.5 kilometers from the northern maritime border.
He was wearing a life jacket, and his shoes were found on the South Korean ship he was aboard.
The border between the two Koreas would have an extremely restrictive anti-COVID-19 policy to shoot those who pass it in order not to bring the virus into the country, reports BBC.

Kim Jong-un has sent a letter to his South Korean counterpart apologizing and acknowledging that the incident should not have taken place, according to a statement from the South Korean presidency.

Kim said he was “very sorry” for “disappointing” Moon Jae-in and the people of South Korea. At the same time, North Korea also provided the results of the investigation into the incident: more than 10 gunshots were fired at the man caught in North Korean waters, who refused to reveal his identity while trying to flee, according to the director of national security in Korea of South Suh Hoon. He also stated that the deserter was not set on fire, but the fire was started on the “floating material” used by him.

“Soldiers were unable to locate the unidentified passer-by during a search for gunfire and set fire to the floating device in the context of emergency disease prevention measures,” Suh ​​Hoon said.