North Korea issued a statement on Friday accusing South Korea of ​​the death of a South Korean official he shot last month.

In late September, it emerged that North Korea had shot a South Korean official who had ended up in its waters and burned his body.

North Korea has been allowed to shoot anyone trying to block the coronavirus from entering the country, which is why a South Korean official was likely to be shot.

Now North Korea accuses South Korea of ​​not getting this citizen better under control.

– Death was the result of the south side of the worthless management of citizens’ gunpowder barrel, North Korea says.

– Therefore, the September case rests primarily on the shoulders of the south side. This is our unchanging position.

North Korea has previously admitted to firing a dozen sets of shots per official. It was the first time in ten years that North Korea has killed a South Korean.

South Korea fired on the incident, calling the shooting of its official an “outrageous act”. This led North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to make a rare apology to calm the situation.

According to South Korean military sources, North Korea would have interrogated the official for hours without letting him out of the water. Sources say that during the interrogation, the man would have expressed a desire to jump to North Korea.

Although North Korea blames South Korea for what happened, experts note that North Korea’s efforts are aimed at calming inflamed spaces between neighboring states.

– We do not want to see a recurrence of unpleasant precedents where unintentional situations led to a disaster in relations, North Korea said in a statement.

However, in addition to soothing speeches, North Korea also accuses its southern neighbor of engaging in abusive acts that have maximized mistrust between the two countries.