Norris says that the team did not fail to stop: “They work very hard”

McLaren F1 driver Lando Noris would have loved the opportunity to stand on the podium before his own audience at the British Grand Prix. Although Lando Norris was disappointed that the pit stop was too slow, he doesn’t blame his team.

Norris was third in the Great Britain Grand Prix. However, he lost time and Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes driver, passed him. Fernando Alonso, an ex-McLaren driver, also had to be overcome by Norris. He was finally awarded fourth place by Bottas, but he was disappointed to hear that Bottas had taken his place.

“I think we were able to hold on to third place,” said Norris when asked by “Of course I showed my emotions, I wasn’t happy to get back on the track in that spot. Mercedes was faster than us, so it’s not clear whether we can hold onto third place. In any case, it was a privilege to have the opportunity to compete for it here at Silverstone. It wasn’t easy, but the first stint went pretty well.”

Norris has appeared on the podium three previous seasons. Silverstone’s slow pit stop felt like it took forever. “I don’t know how long it took, eight seconds or so. Bottas had to wait for me to stop. It was then that Fernando took me over and it was so bad that I couldn’t push myself out of the pits for the first lap. That lap was the worst of my life. It was actually a double loss.”

A little bit of bad luck

McLaren Formation’s first mistakes this season were their mediocre pit stops. Norris therefore did not blame his team: “The boys have done a great job this season, they have continued to make progress with the pit stops. It was a great season. This was my first less-stressful stop. Although it is frustrating that we are fighting for this position they will learn. This will never happen again. They do an excellent job and I am proud of them. In this case we were just a bit unlucky.”

McLaren came fifth in the Drivers’ Championship with Daniel Ricciardo taking fifth. Ferrari lost some ground. The formation also received some points. McLaren remains proudly in third in the constructors’ championship.


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