The BBC’s Normal People series, which premiered last spring, was based on a popular book by Sally Rooney. The 12-part series followed the lives of popular footballer Connell and Marianne, known as sweat, from high school to university. Mariannena was seen in the series Daisy Edgar-James and in the role of Connell Paul Mescal.

The Irishman Mescal, 24, charmed TV viewers with his authentic role-playing character. He was also nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Television.

He has now also charmed composer hero Andrew Lloyd Webber. The master, known for his musical compositions, would like to draw Mescal to his latest project. She is offering the young man the role of Prince in the Cinderella musical, Mirror news.

The Cinderella musical is expected to go into production next year as it moved from this year due to the corona pandemic.

Andrew Lloyd Webber extended the invitation to the role of prince after attending a virtual opera Ghost singing event with Mescal.

– Andrew would be happy to star one of his musicals. He joked about how Prince Charming was looking. Paul said he was really taken and said his dream would be to star in a West End musical, an unnamed source says in the magazine.

– They’ve talked a few times and Paul is excited to do something. But he doesn’t want to agree for too long because he is flooded with job offers, the source says.

“He might do a few cameo roles or take a few months to wash,” the source notes.

It is known that Mescal is now looking for a foothold as an actor in Hollywood. The man has a theatrical background and graduated as an actor from Trinity College Dublin in 2017. He has only been seen on television in the Normal People series as well as The Deceived series. Both have been televised this year.