The exceptional time of the life of Mentalist Noora Karma has brought something good as well. She has enjoyed being able to be so much together with her children Gabrielin, 11, and Lolan, 9, with.

He has also focused on sports and training as well as his own well-being in other ways.

– Despite this time, I feel really good. Of course, age is constantly increasing. The last 20 years have been very subtle, and I have lived life to the fullest probably already in one’s life at the front, Noora said the domestic Vida Kuulas -ravintolisäsarjan launch conference hotel in St. George.

He doesn’t want anything to get messed up now in his quest for well-being and a healthy life.

– I wanted to get rid of all the things I felt was a burden. I quit alcohol and cut a few relationships out of my life. There became a clear feeling that I didn’t have to please anyone and I chose. Because of my own well-being, I chose not to drink.

His alcohol use was low in the past. The work used to take him to gigs on the weekends and the kids were waiting at home. The actual celebration was limited to a few big annual celebrations.

– Of course there has been some kind of teasing in the summer. Sauna beer and wine with food. It also started to become a little anxious. In addition, I began to feel anxious whether I should go buy a bottle of wine over the weekend.

– The decision to leave alcohol was not made in any hangover. I just decided never to go again.

The decision hasn’t been put to the test even with friends out so far.

– I was with my friends for dinner. There were probably seven different dishes and drinks from all over the world. I drank something non-alcoholic and it felt wonderful.

Noora has been without alcohol for almost three months.

– I am not an absolutist, and I have not made any plans that go further. I will continue after a hundred days if it feels like that, but that too is just fine, if I want to drink a glass of wine at the Christmas table, he says and adds with a grin that one evil or loose candy is still left.

A sparse life

The mentalist started his own Talent School in Sipoo at the beginning of the year, but then became Korona. Noora is still lucky to have her long-term dream set in motion.

– Thank God I have it now. It is my business now that all events have been canceled. Normally, the season of the performing artist with his little Christmas would now begin.

– For the first time in 15 years, this is probably not the case. The situation is so insane that it cannot even be lamented. That is how it is and this is moving towards better times.

Noora has now put all her contributions into her school, which offers children learning in music, dance, theater and magic, among other things. For adults, the school has exercise as well as writing and theater studies.

– There is a lot of work, but there is little to live poorer at the moment. I personally teach magic on Saturdays, take piano lessons and teach musical theater. And I hosted themed birthdays.