Then came the warning: “If you don’t have surgery in two weeks, you may not be!” He had an orange-sized tumor on his brain. Tell us what you went through and what it’s like to have brain surgery at such a young age.

Nony Borşan sings. He’s been doing this since he was little, when, at the age of three, he was playing an entire album on a toy machine gun The Beatles. He graduated from the Conservatory, Light Music Composition, and began cruising, singing, for weeks or months. He was 25 years old and was about to leave for Sweden when, fortunately for him, his departure was postponed for two weeks. It’s really lucky he was in the country when there were signs that something was wrong.

“I could no longer see well with my right eye, and I sometimes dragged my right leg after me. He was not paralyzed, but he was very difficult to move. His right hand, too, was in trouble. I realized something was wrong, “Nony recalls.

We met for a cappuccino and Nony tells me, detachedly, what the doctor from Fundeni told her who saw him then: “You have a tumor. If, in two weeks, we don’t intervene in one way or another, your tumor will enter your brain, which was already very big “. Nony tells it like it’s not about him. As if it hadn’t happened to him that, at the age of 25, he had surgery on his brain and underwent radiotherapy. As if he wasn’t afraid of death. He says he was optimistic about how he found out what he had and that he was only afraid when he didn’t understand what was happening to him.

The first sign: loss of consciousness

Nony has been studying music for a long time. His father played guitar in various bands, such as Red and Black, and showed the child something. In first grade, Nony went to the High School of Arts in Galaţi, the city where she lived, and began to study piano. He participated in several competitions for children and so he came to be noticed by Adrian Ordean, guitarist and composer, at whose urging he moved from Galaţi to Bucharest, at the age of 14.

In the absence of an instrument to practice, he went to the Children’s Palace, where he studied piano.

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