Nokia surprises with two new feature phones: the Nokia 215 4G and the 225 4G

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After the presentation of the Nokia 3.4 and Nokia 2.4 the Finnish manufacturer continues with its announcement calendar after multiple months in full stand-by. On this occasion, Nokia announces the Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G as two interesting feature phones with access to LTE connectivity. Although the Nokia 215 4G Y Nokia 225 4G they share much more than that.

The economic and productive consequences of the COVID-19 virus pandemic have reached several smartphone manufacturers that were not in a position to reach their usual consumers or that were already showing signs of a decline. Nokia was one of them but it seems that little by little it begins to straighten out with new releases.

Features of the Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G

Both the Nokia 215 4G and the Nokia 225 4G take obvious inspiration from the Nokia 220 4G announced in China in July 2019. Something that we can deduce not only from the shared nomenclature but also from the similarities between their designs. Similarity in the case of the newer phones also extends to their technical specifications.

And it is that both the Nokia 215 4G and the Nokia 225 4G have the same 2.4-inch QVGA LCD screen, the same Unisoc chip working at a frequency of 1GHz, the same 64MB of RAM, the same 128MB of storage capacity internal battery and the same removable 1200mAh capacity battery.

A battery of this size in a feature phone It promises days of autonomy although the extension of its durability will depend especially on our kind of use. By having 4G connectivity it is easy for our Nokia 215 4G and Nokia 225 4G to end up on for less time than we expected if we spend many continuous hours browsing.

In addition to the LTE connectivity both new feature phones they have access to Bluetooth connectivity and a microUSB charging port. But, then, how are they different and why doesn’t it matter to buy one or the other?

The first of its differences is insignificant: on the front the design of the Nokia 225 4G extends the color of its black bezels towards the upper navigation keys. The telephone keys, on the other hand, share color in whatever color we have chosen for such device. In the case of the Nokia 215 4G, the navigation keys also share the color of the housing.

But there is a second and more important difference and that is that only the Nokia 225 4G has a rear camera. Or maybe it’s more important to mention that only the Nokia 225 4G has a camera at all. This is a VGA drive, nothing special, but at least we have a photographic resource in case of emergency.

Nokia advertises the Nokia 215 4G and the Nokia 225 4G with different color options and different prices. The Nokia 215 4G will be available in the Chinese market at an approximate price of US $ 45 in black and green colors. The Nokia 225 4G comes in black, blue and rose gold colors at a price of approximately US $ 50.


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