Nokia phones, the best in the world to trust: how they defeated Samsung, Huawei, Oppo

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If you want a good, reliable phone, Nokia seems to be the best solution, far above the competition, according to a study published by Counterpoint.

Counterpoint Trust Rankings analysis appears once a year and is reflected in several simple and effective tables. Available below, they help you better understand the industry-wide discrepancy when it comes to Android updates and security updates. In addition, it draws attention to the gadgets that would be best suited for use in a corporate environment, where security vulnerabilities are very important.

Whatever the selection criteria, the Nokia phones produced by HMD Global are the best in every way. Regardless of the purchase price, they enjoy the latest versions of Android shortly after they are launched by Google. Moreover, they have long-term security updates, well above the industry average.

Punctually, all Nokia phones participating in this analysis run Android 10, a step ahead even last year, when HMD Global terminals were again in first place. In theory, OnePlus can boast a similar performance, but it is important to note that it “plays” in competition with only 7 devices, instead of 20 from HMD.

Samsung ranks third in the top, but with 89% of the terminals updated, it is far from Nokia’s performance. Realme is in fourth place with 73%, slightly above Xiaomi and Huawei.

On the side of security updates served monthly, HMD is again on the first position in the top, followed by OnePlus with 90%. The performance of Samsung and Huawei is absolutely shameful when it comes to the same selection criteria, with 22% and 29% of devices updated regularly, respectively. Realme and Xiaomi do better, with 70% and 67%, respectively.

At a time when the average duration of use of a smartphone is close to 30 months for most users, Nokia handsets seem to be an inspired investment. counterpoint versiuni android


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