The Nobel Prize ceremony began Monday with the Nobel Prize in Medicine, which went to Americans this year Harvey Alterille, Charles Ricelle and Briton Michael Houghtonille.

The subject of the award is the discovery of the hepatitis C virus.

This year, the coronary pandemic has brought medical research to the front pages of news media. However, the Nobel Prize in Medicine will not be awarded this year for a coronary pandemic study.

– It will be some time before the award “matures”, I would say that at least ten years before its significance for society can be truly understood, the former Secretary of the Swedish Academy Erling Norrby told AFP before the award was announced.

The Nobel Prize in Physics and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be announced on Tuesday on Wednesday.

Most awaited are the Nobel Prizes for Literature and Peace, which will be awarded on Thursday and Friday.

On Monday, another Nobel Prize in Economics will be awarded.