The role of the United States in the world, the crisis of Western democracies, global warming, the upcoming elections on the American continent, the role of China in the new world order, the role of intellectuals are just some of the topics touched on in the dialogue with Noam Chomsky.

Here are some of the ideas put forward on Thursday by the renowned philosopher, linguist and political activist.
China’s position in the world economy
On the power relationship between the US and China, Chomsky spoke about the evolution of the latter in recent years, especially in terms of the economy. However, in terms of GDP per capita, it lags behind the West. “As for overall economic and social progress, you can see how things are by looking at Human Development Index (HDI) of the UN, which makes a hierarchy of states according to a number of development indicators, including economic: China is somewhere in the 90th position, at the bottom of the list. It’s not even close to the West. Europe has the largest economy in the world, bigger than the USA. And China, in terms of gross GDP, has a big economy, but in terms of GDP per capita she’s weak, “Chomsky said.

Trump, a unique president in US history

About the president of his nation, he cannot be compared to anyone else in US history, because he does not care about people, in the foreground being himself. “Trump is by no means an ordinary politician. He cannot be compared to any politician in the entire history of the United States. With nobody. He is a real monster, interested in nothing but himself, money and power. And he would do anything, absolutely anything to keep it. He doesn’t care about people at all. Well, that’s something new. ”

The political activist referred to Richard Nixon, who in the 1960s lost the US election to John Kennedy, who secured victory by backstage and false voting. Nixon came out then, and although he could contest the election and emerge victorious, he decided not to. The reason, Chomsky continued, was not to throw the United States into chaos. “He said he did not want to throw the country into chaos. He cared more about the country than about winning the election. Or think of Al Gore in 2000: the election was stolen, but he said he was not going to contest it. The reason given was the same. So a far-right Republican and a Liberal Democrat had the same position. And now back to Trump. He has already announced that he will not accept the election results if he loses. Does not care. He doesn’t care about the country, he doesn’t care about anything. “

Definition and weapon of Trump

People should no longer categorize the current president as a fascist, Chomsky believes, because it would mean giving him too much credit, given that “fascism is a complex ideology” and it is too much to do. he could understand. “What is he? He’s a kind of tin dictator from a small former colony where governments are overthrown every few years by the military – and that’s what he’s trying to do to transform America. But what is happening now comes out of absolutely any statistics. It has nothing to do with normalcy. ”

In order to stay in the preferences of a certain type of electorate, Trump relies on the ideology of white supremacy, as is well known, with deep roots in the United States. According to a statistic presented by Chomsky, about 10 years ago, only 10% of acts of terrorism were committed in the name of white supremacy. After four years with Trump in Washington, the percentage is 100%. “His messages have an impact … He knows this very well.”

Good news and bad news
Despite such information, the good news is that democracy is still throbbing, because freedom of expression still exists. On the other hand, Chomsky continued, Trump still has strength, enjoying strong support from the private sector pumping money into his campaign. Here, Democrat Bernie Sanders has accomplished a miracle, the American thinker believes. “It simply came to our notice then. He had a campaign without private capital, the press was hostile to him and he almost received the nomination. It’s a formidable achievement. It shows us things that can be done despite the radical imbalance of power. ”

“Under Trump, the United States is consciously heading for disaster,” Chomsky said, with a glimmer of hope coming from Sanders, who decided to cooperate with Joe Biden, Trump’s opponent. “He decided to work with Biden to try to influence the political agenda. A very wise decision. “

Two arguments to remain optimistic
Despite the fragile situation that dominates the world, Noam Chomsky believes that we have two great reasons to remain optimistic. The first is a historical one, namely that “it is much better now than before”.

Things that are considered unacceptable today were not even discussed three or four decades ago. There are many examples, from segregationism to women’s rights.
The second argument is simply the moral obligation to try to change something.

“It simply came to our notice then. One is to say, “It makes no sense,” “I give up,” “I will let the worst happen”; the other is to say, rightly, that there are opportunities, better or worse, “I will use them and perhaps make the world a better place.” In fact, it is not even a choice between the two “.

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